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  • Mhasoba Temple 0.5 km.
    Mhasoba Temple

    Masuba temple is the famous temple of that areas. If any problem is encountered in the other temples devotees seek a solution in this temple through a prasna, a traditional method of astrological decision making.The prasna is conducted on a peedha (a raised platform) outside the temple.

    Distance : 0.5 km.

  • Shivsrushti 04 km.
    Shivsrushti, panhala

    34 places to visit in shivashuti.Teen DarwazaThis imposing gateway comprised three gates on the western walls of the fort. It was through this gate that the British entered when they eventually captured Panhala in 1844. In an act of political vandalism, they destroyed the main gate. AmbarkhanaThis fort was built by the Marathas and houses the palace, the administrative division and the granary. It is protected by Teen Darwaja or the 'Three Gates' that allow one to enter the place.SajjaKothiBuilt in 1008 AD by the Mohammedans, this fort holds high significance in Maratha history. The view from SajjaKothi or Sadar-e-Mahal is probably the best in Panhala. Botanical Gardens, Panhala Fort, Jyotiba Temple, Tabak UdyaanFun Lovers, Experience Seekers etc.

    Distance : 04 km.

  • Panhala 07 km.

    Very historic place with great view all around. You will find guide easily it is suggested you take their service if you are a first time visitor they are very informative. You will find many two wheelers going from inside the fort as it is connecting a near by village. You will find many school picnic as it is a...

    Distance : 07 km.

  • Town Hall 10 km.
    Town Hall, kolhapur

    The best feature of interest in the city is the Town Hall Kolhpur Museum (Monday closed) on Bhausingji Road, 1km north of the Temple. This sombre Neo-gothic structure was built as the Town Hall in 1872-76 by Charles Mant. This is his first creation in Kolhapur, the only building in pure Neo-gothic style. The frontel porch of the Museum is flanked by towers with steeply pyramidal metal roofs. Two European cannons are on display here; the example dated 1609 is engraved with a relief of the god Mars.

    Distance : 10 km.

  • New Palace 15 km.
    New Palace, kolhapur

    The New Palace is residence of Chhatrapati of Kolhapur. It is one of the main tourism attraction place in kolhapur. The Palace is constructed by Ahilyabai between year 1877-1884. The architect of this building was British Royal Engineer Major Charles Mant.It has been built according to an architectural style that represents a magnificent fusion of Jain and Hindu influences.

    Distance : 15 km.

  • Gandharv Water Park 25 km.
    Gandharv Water Park, kolhapur

    Gandharv A new modern yakshanagari just on the outskirts of Kolhapur spread over 16 acres amongst bountiful nature and placid atmosphere. Gandharv has come up as an alternative with difference to redefine amusement that has attracted crowds in short span of 10 years since inception.
    All this makes Gandharv an ideal place to break journey on long rout to recharge mind body for heading towards destination. Gandharvs Water Park gives you exciting moments a totally different experience of water sports with different types of rides.
    Water Park includes different types of Water Slides. Kids pool, rain dance, much more with adequate facilities.

    Distance : 25 km.

  • Amba Ghat 48 km.
    Amba Ghat, Amba

    he location Amba Ghat is quite well known for its beautiful natural surrounding and pleasant cool weather. This is the reason large number of national and international tourists are visiting this tourist centre almost in every season. Its height from sea level is 3100 ft.It is located on Kolhapur-Ratnagiri national highway (NH-204) and this is the highest spot in Kolhapur district. Region beyond this is Konkan. In April and May daytime temperature of this area is 24 to28 c. while at night it 16 to 18c. There are a considerable number of places worth visiting and tourists feel a special pleasure of plucking and eating fruits like java plums or rose-apples. It's 67 Kms near from Kolhapur.

    Distance : 48 km.

  • Jahaj Mandir 50 km.
    Jahaj Mandir, Amba

    Shri Bahubali Bramhcharya and Vidyapeeth is located at Kumbhoj i.e 27 km south of Kolhapur on the Bahubali hills. The hill ranges are popularly known as 'Kumbhojgiri'. A temple here is dedicated to Lord Bahubali which makes it a popular Jain pilgrimage center. Also known for being a celibacy resort it was established in the year 1935 and named after the sage Bahubali who mediated here for a long period of time.

    Distance : 50 km.

  • Khidrapur 60 km.

    It is to the east of Kolhapur, ancient & artistic on the bank of the Krishna. It was built in 11-12 century by Shilahar. ln the interior we first see Vishnu (Dhopeshwar) & Shivaling facing north. But there is no Nandi who has separate Mandir. Separate Actor-Pendal, hall, old pillars, carvings of gods & rnale-fernale artists in various poses are attractive. The ceiling is semi-circular with rnatchless engravings. On the out side, complete 'Shivaleelamrit' is carved. When sati Parvati jumped into Daxa'.' sacrifice, Lord Shiva was angry. He got peace of rnind in this temple From entrance to Shivaling, we feel peace, coldness & Dark Shankaracharya had appointed servants for the management. In Shravan on Monday & Shivaratri the Mandir is crowded. The Palanquine celebration is simply spectacular!

    Distance : 60 km.

  • Male Lake 03 km.
    Male Lake,male

    Male lake is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds. The lake is home to a number of threatened species of plants and animals.
    The lake is an ecosystem with large fishery resources. It sustains more than 5,000 fisher–folk living in 2 villages.

    Distance : 03 km.

  • Jotiba 06 km.

    Jyotiba is a holy place of Hinduism near Wadi Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India. The deity of the temple is known by the same name, and is held by the locals to be an incarnation of three gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, and Jamadagni[1]. An annual fair takes place on the full moon night of the Hindu months of Chaitra and Vaishakha. Jyotiba temple is an important Hindu religious destination located at an altitude of 3124 feet above sea level in the Panhala range of Maharashstra. It is believed that the main deity the Jyotiba is formed from the souls of three Primary Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Legendery stories tell that Jyotiba is formed to kill the demon Ratnasur.

    Visiting and offering prayers to the Incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as Jyotiba is a sacred ritual according to Hindu belief. Devotees and tourists throng to this temple premises for the large fair held yearly in the full moon days in the months of Vaishakh and Chaitra.

    Distance : 06 km.

  • Warana Complex 10 km.
    Warana Complex,Warana

    The Warana complex is designed to look after all the basic needs of the workers. They have been provided with living quarters, filtered water, inexpensive electricity, schools, physical training and cultural centers. Warana Group consist of more than 55 organizations out of which some major organizations are as under:

    • Shree Tatyasaheb Kore Warana Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., (Warana Sugar Co-Operative )
    • Shree Warana Sahakari Doodh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd. Tatyasaheb Kore Nagar (Warana Dairy, Milk processing Co-Operative)
    • Shri Warana Vibhag Shikshan Mandal Warananagar (Group of Educational Institutions)
    • Surajya Foundation.(NGO)
    • Mahatma Gandhi Medical Trust
    • Shree Warana Sahakari Bank Ltd.
    • Shree Warana Vibhag Sahakari Grahak Mandal Ltd., Warananagar (Warana co-operative Bazaar)
    • Shree Warana Bhagini Mandal .(Micro/small Scale women Industries)
    • Shree Tatyasaheb Kore Warana Vibhag Sheti-poorak, Sheti Prashikshan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., Warananagar (Warana co-operative Farm development, Supply & Training)
    • Wired Village project

    Distance : 10 km.

  • Mahalaxmi Temple 14 km.
    Mahalaxmi Temple,kohlapur

    Temple of Goddess Mahalakshmi was first constructed in Kolhapur in Chalukya period (550 A. D. to 660 A. D.) This is evident from the style of the idol’s sculpture. Also, some historians state that Goddess Mahalakshmi in the form of an idol was consecrated in Kolhapur temple during the reign of King Manglesh from the Chlukya Dynasty.

    Distance : 14 km.

  • Kent Club 15 km.
    Kent Club,kohlapur

    Kent Club is the very first resort of its kind in Maharashtra. Nestling on the hill slopes of the Sahyadri range, it is located 2600 ft. above sea level spread over a stretch of 7 acres of lush green landscaping at just 18 km from Kolhapur.

    Distance : 15 km.

  • Kaneri Math 40 km.
    Kaneri Math,Kaneri

    The place is near Kolhapur city on Pune Banglore Highway. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math has a history of more than 1000 years, and is a holy place of worship of Lord Mahadeva. The surrounding around the museum is very calm and quiet, a hilly place with a good collection of Flora and Fauna.

    The project is a dream village of Mahatma Gandhi, visually and symbolically created through the vision and efforts of present 27th Mathadhipati H.H. Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji.

    Distance : 40 km.

  • Siddhivinayak Temple 50 km.
    Siddhivinayak Temple

    Lord Shree Ganesh is god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha is worshipped, or at least remembered, the beginning. of any auspicious performance for blessings and auspiciousness. He has four hands, elephant's head and a big belly. His vehicle is a tiny mouse.

    In his hands he carries a rope (to carry devotees to the truth), an axe (to cut devotees' attachments), and a sweet dessert ball "Laddoo" (to reward devotees for spiritual activity). His fourth hand's palm is always extended to bless people. A unique combination of his elephant like head and a quick moving tiny mouse vehicle represents tremendous wisdom, intellegence, and presence of mind..

    Distance : 50 km.

  • NarsobachiWadi 60 km.

    Narsobawadi is a small village located close to Kolhapur, which attracts tourists in quite a large number. It is popularly know as Narsobachi Wadi. This place is situated at the confluence of river Krishna and Panchganga. Narsobawadi has a great archaeological significance.

    Narsobawadi became a pilgrim centre as Shri Dattatreya, in his incarnation known as Narsinh Saraswati lived here for twelve years. Here there is no idol of Shri Dattatreya symbolising his presence. Instead of that his existence is symbolised by his "padukas "(slippers).

    Distance : 60 km.

  • Ganapatipule Temple 150 km.
    Ganapatipule Temple,Ganapatipule

    Nestled in the greenery is a nearly 4000 year old landmark the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple (Swayambhu means a self-originated idol, Ganapati). It is flooded by thousands of devotees and tourists every year. Ganpatipule, the Lord of the 'ganas' or army and "pule" means sand dunes. It is one of the 'Ashta Ganapatis' (eight Ganpatis) of India and is known as 'Paschim Dwar Dewata' (Western Sentinel God). Ganapatipule is a small village, serene, sedate and unspoilt. The beach here is still natural and pristine as ever. And travelling by road is an experience by itself. The vast 'Konkan stretch abounds with scenic greenery There are narrow mud-roads, the earth is red and the roofed houses with clean courtyards add a quaint touch to the panorama. The local vegetation includes fruit-bearing trees like mango, betelnut, banana, jackfruit, coconut etc..

    Distance : 150 km.